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Key GHS development

Nhat Nguyen, Chemical Watch's chief analyst, and Cristina Garcia, CW regulatory and compliance analyst, examine GHS changes as countries from the US to South America, the EU and Asia adopt the sixth or seventh edition of GHS.

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Chemical Watch’s editorial team offers unparalleled insight and analysis into international events – from key GHS developments to scientific breakthroughs and legislative changes affecting company decisions. Advance members have exclusive access to in-depth articles, including our 2019 Global Outlook series pinpointing key dates in the calendar.


2019 Global Outlook
Surveying the horizon


Series overview

The ingredient disclosure revolution

Leigh Stringer, Chemical Watch business editor, discusses the demand for ingredient transparency which started with food and expanded into demands for information about chemicals in products and supply chains.

Key political developments

Geraint Roberts, Chemical Watch's editorial director, looks at the most important elections and political developments of 2019 including Brexit, the European Parliamentary elections and Canada’s federal election.

Taking chemicals seriously through enforcement

Nick Hazlewood, Chemical Watch’s news editor, launches our investigation into enforcement activities starting in the EU, where Echa oversees four major pieces of chemical legislation including REACH.

Expected chemical assessments

Emma Chynoweth, Chemical Watch's chief customer officer, examines the most anticipated developments of the year including the EU draft decisions on the evaluation of 21 substances from Corap and the US EPA final assessments of the first ten chemicals reviewed under amended TSCA.

The circular economy and plastics in Europe

Luke Buxton, Chemical Watch's Europe editor, discusses communication, the roll-out of substitution-related activities and the EU plastics strategy.

Key scientific developments

Andrew Turley, Chemical Watch’s science editor, outlines developing stories from the OECD ‘defined approaches’ to testing to BASF’s study of cerium dioxide particles and the UBA paper on PMTs/vPvTs.

New chemical Introduction and registration

Nhat Nguyen, Chemical Watch chief analyst, Kelly Franklin, US editor, and Sunny Lee, Asia editor, examine the regulatory challenges ahead from the US EPA’s plan to revise the agency’s new chemicals decision-making framework to Taiwan promulgating the Toxic Chemicals and Concerned Substances Control Act.

A critical year ahead of ICCM5

Emma Chynoweth, Chemical Watch's chief customer officer, offers her insights into Saicm, GCO-II, and Unea-4.

Protecting workers in 2019

Vanessa Zainzinger, Chemical Watch editor, looks at the US, Europe and Asian occupational hygiene developments including the European Commission’s plan to impose OELs on 50 CMD-regulated carcinogens by 2020 and US Osha’s plan to update its HazCom Standard.

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