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Biocides and the BPR: Follow every development

It has been more than nine years since the EU biocidal products Regulation (BPR) came into force. In that time, the biocides sector has faced numerous challenges, from adapting to the latest regulatory developments, to meeting the soaring demand for biocides such as hand sanitiser and disinfectants during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ongoing concerns around the risks of biocides products to human health and the environment make biocidal regulation a focus for policymakers. For product safety professionals, it's more critical than ever to keep up to date.
Chemical Watch is committed to keeping you informed. Our award-winning content team track every business-critical development in biocides and the BPR as it happens – see our 
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David Dillon

David Dillon
Senior Regulatory And Compliance Analyst

David is a senior regulatory and compliance analyst at Chemical Watch, and is our expert on biocides and Brexit. He has a wealth of industry experience and previously worked for the UK Health and Safety Executive for 19 years, where he dealt with UK, European and international chemical control schemes.

Vanessa has covered biocides for Chemical Watch since 2013, following the implementation of the EU biocidal products Regulation (BPR), and other developments in the sector globally. She also leads our coverage on occupational hygiene and has more than a decade of experience reporting on the chemical industry.

Vanessa Zainzinger
Biocides Editor

Vanessa Zainzinger

Meet our Chemical Watch biocides experts

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Soaring use of biocides during the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked calls for a recalibration. Chemical Watch biocides editor, Vanessa Zainzinger, reports

11 May 2021


Understanding the BPR

Understanding BPR


Understanding the BPR


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Chemical Watch’s 26th annual Biocides Europe conference provides essential insights on the latest developments, challenges and next steps concerning the biocidal products Regulation (BPR).

With companies and regulators across the sector continuing to face headwinds, delays and disruption, it is crucial to stay informed of new updates to help you formulate proactive responses and stay competitive and compliant.

Biocides Europe 2023

Data sharing, disputes and appeals: UK REACH and GB Biocidal Products

WEBINAR RECORDING: As the chemical and biocides industries grapple with the new regulatory regimes for the British market, one of the most pressing issues to address is data sharing. The creation of parallel, but entirely independent, legal frameworks for chemicals and...

14 December 2021

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Astrid Geibel
REACH Officer, Henkel

27 July 2023

Measure would repeal provisions established nearly two decades ago


05 September 2023

EPA projects on migraine triggers, norovirus disinfectants

ECHA BPR report

11 July 2023

RIVM report finds lack of acute inhalation toxicity studies for biocides

spray cleaning

17 July 2023

Authorities to remove ‘taking-over mechanism’ for participants

ECHA BPR report