How do you manage the risks of chemicals in your electrical and electronic products?

It’s never been more important for manufacturers to understand what their products are made of, and how this influences not only their compliance, but also their circularity and sustainability. But for product safety professionals managing compliance for the world’s biggest electronics and electrical product manufacturers, this is not an easy task.

We know that compliance teams within the electronics industry face three big challenges:

Understanding the hazardous substances within their products, and communicating this throughout the supply chain

The world’s biggest electrical and electronics manufacturers rely on Chemical Watch to proactively manage their compliance and product safety efforts

Keeping up with regulations controlling the use of (hazardous) substances in electronic and electrical products

Following trends towards circularity (and sustainable development) and especially keeping up with rules on extended producer responsibility requirements on batteries and waste

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In addition to these EEE-specific challenges, global developments in the field of safe chemicals management indicate that pressure will grow on all manufacturers to improve their internal knowledge of chemicals and toxicology.

As the leading global provider of independent intelligence and insight for product safety professionals managing chemicals, Chemical Watch is perfectly positioned to help you overcome these challenges. 

Use our award-winning news coverage and analysis, world-class compliance tools, unparalleled events and training programmes, alongside our team of experts to manage risks, meet your compliance goals and exceed the expectations of your customers.


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Nhat Nguyen
Leigh Stringer

Leigh Stringer
Managing Editor, Europe

Shimshon Roth
Regulatory and Compliance Analyst

Nhat Nguyen
Chief Analyst

Prior to joining Chemical Watch, Leigh wrote for the Press Association, ICIS and, covering a range of environmental and business related topics. He also contributes to Guardian Sustainable Business.

Shimshon helps global businesses by providing regulatory monitoring services covering the Israeli chemicals control legislation. Before Chemical Watch he spent 25 years at the Hazardous Materials Department of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Nhat joined Chemical Watch in April 2018. He is a US licensed attorney, and prior to joining Chemical Watch, he was a regulatory analyst and consultant, advising customers on a range of issues in Asia, the EU and the US.

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Recent news coverage of electronics

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I’m highly satisfied; the service has made my life so much easier, especially helping me to prepare monthly reports for the business. It has saved me time because we wouldn’t get extra people just to do horizon scanning. It’s time-saving, and we don’t miss things.”

We are very happy with the fact that Chemical Watch is not biased in any way.”

Chemical Watch’s service is very helpful as it puts everything that we need to know about implementation of a particular regulation in one place – the comparison charts.”

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How does HP Inc meet its compliance challenges?

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Case Study

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Read our interview with the American personal computing and printing multinational HP Inc to hear more about its compliance challenges including market access, making sustainable products and emerging from the pandemic.


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Argentina updates import regulations for batteries

Process could become 'easier and faster’ for companies

computer componenets

BASF, Clariant, Novozymes share challenges of applying EU SSbD framework

Commission workshop reveals initial findings from first case studies

Robot in a production factory

Industrial chemical is set for global elimination under the Stockholm Convention

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Washington state’s planned OFR prohibition in electronics ignites global pushback

South Korean, Chinese governments join industry opposition to class-based proposal

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No plans for Scip to align with EU consumer app, Echa says

‘Minimum resources’ don't allow for its further development


Get a thorough understanding of the EU RoHS Directive with this Chemical Watch eLearning course. Find out key aspects of its history, what is in store for the future, and insights into industry ‘best practices’ for incorporating RoHS compliance into your company's product lifecycle management processes.

An Introduction to EU RoHS

The course covers:

  • EU RoHS overview and requirements
  • Beyond the basics
  • Complying with RoHS


Mobile phone and laptop production


Global Restrictions on Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Over two modules, get an understanding of the global regulations restricting hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment (EEE). The course covers regulations such as the European Union’s RoHS Directive, as well as the adoption of ‘RoHS-type’ regulations by different jurisdictions around the world and other regulations also restricting hazardous substances in EEE.  

Don’t miss out.

Electronic equipment manufacturing


How can electronics companies SVHCs in supply chains?

With the revision of REACH now underway the number of restricted chemicals for electronics products placed on the market in the EU is set to increase. Electronics companies are already taking steps to stay ahead of regulations.  

Watch this
short video from last year’s Chemical Watch electronics conference in Europe to find out more.  

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If only product compliance were simple

A breakdown of the different categories a smartwatch comes under: electronics device, connected device, medical device and textile product.

Complex products mean complex compliance.

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Intersessional Process still debating recommendations for financing and targets