Chemical Watch is the leading global provider of independent intelligence and insight for product safety professionals managing chemicals

Our values

Chemical Watch is the global voice of product safety professionals managing chemicals. We are proud to be regarded as a trusted partner to a global community of businesses, regulators and other stakeholders. 

Our job is to provide the essential knowledge, perspectives and connections our members need to manage the risks of non-compliance and to achieve safer products. And to do this by holding true to our values of independence, responsibility, transformation, and knowledge sharing and community...

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Part of the Enhesa family – the global provider of environment, health & safety and product regulatory compliance information – we aim to empower our members to transform product safety management and unlock the full value of regulatory compliance within their business by providing… 

Resources and support to raise the level of chemicals safety awareness in companies and improve compliance across departments to drive product stewardship. 

Interactive and flexible eLearning, training and webinars to boost individual and team expertise and continuously develop their skills. 

An extensive calendar of events featuring expertise from across our global business and regulatory network. 

Access to the world’s largest and most influential community of product safety professionals managing chemicals. 

A one-stop intelligence source: independent global news, insight and analysis to inform product safety decisions. 

Our expert team and coverage

The Chemical Watch team have been informing businesses, regulators, service providers and NGOs with essential compliance intelligence and perspectives for over 12 years.

Coverage of regulatory developments across the globe in 21 languages from our experienced, 26-strong team comprising analysts, an attorney, regulatory experts, chemists and data specialists.

Journalistic approach: timely, in-depth, impartial, easy to understand, trustworthy. Established network spanning industry, regulatory authorities and key stakeholder groups.


We are an independent voice.

We bring together the most comprehensive insight, commentary and opinion to enable an informed debate. We understand the importance of a considered and balanced perspective. We are impartial and value our objectivity and neutrality immensely and it comes through in all we do.


Our work comes with a responsibility.

We understand that our customers put their faith in the accuracy of the information we provide and the important decisions it informs. Accuracy, timeliness and fairness are the cornerstones that ensure we always behave with utter accountability and integrity. We take responsibility for our actions and treat others with respect.


We are forward-looking and innovative.

Continuously looking for new ways to help our customers stay ahead, we seek to equip our customers with the best possible intelligence, tools, expertise and know-how, to help them do their jobs and transform business decisions.

Knowledge sharing 
and community

We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and community.

We actively encourage collaboration and promote networking to create and share knowledge and best practice throughout our organisation and networks.

Our aim


At Enhesa, we simplify the complex landscapes of compliance and sustainability, empowering the global business community to act today and prepare for tomorrow to create a more sustainable future. How? With our 360° intelligence for your operations, products, and chemicals management across the globe. 

Your EHS compliance management partner

Enhesa helps corporations build a better world with compliance content and support, built for your business. We’re partner to multi-national corporations that want to help make the world a more sustainable place, helping them be true and trustworthy contributing members of society with comprehensive compliance intelligence. 

Scivera helps leading product brands across the globe to create better products via better chemicals. Our team of sustainable chemistry experts and toxicologists brings unparalleled scientific forward-thinking insight to global organizations.

Your guide to safe products from the start

ToxPlanet joins the Enhesa group expanding product safety and sustainable chemistry content sets

ToxPlanet is a content-as-a-service provider that maintains the world’s largest database of chemical hazard and toxicology literature. Used extensively by toxicologists, pharmacologists, product stewards, occupational physicians, industrial hygienists, product safety specialists, risk assessors, environmental managers, and others, ToxPlanet’s solutions provide access to a wealth of content and data essential for managing the impact of chemicals on people, the workplace, and the environment.

Enhesa acquires RegScan, creating a global regulatory and sustainability intelligence powerhouse

RegScan is a trusted provider of global compliance solutions for environmental, health, safety and sustainability professionals. Headquartered in Williamsport, PA, the company has been publishing regulatory compliance content across 250 jurisdictions globally for over 30 years. RegScan serves Fortune 1000 companies and professionals across industries, including Manufacturing, Transportation and Distribution, Logistics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and Governments.

Your leading expert coverage of regulations for the transport and storage of dangerous goods. 

HCB helps businesses stay on top of the regulatory twists and turns in the transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods. We bring you news and insights for more sustainable transport and storage – whatever you’re handling, whatever your mode of transportation.

Empowering businesses to create a more sustainable future.