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For professionals working on chemicals risk management and compliance, 2020 was already going to be a milestone year with the next International Conference on Chemicals Management due to bring together experts across the world to consider goals for the next decade as the challenge continues to raise safety and environmental standards worldwide. 

Three months into the year we find ourselves diverted to surviving an unprecedented global threat in the form of Covid-19 with already half the world’s population currently living under lockdown and adjusting to changes that may be with us for many months. 

26 March 2020

The European Commission and Echa have set the stage for a "deeper" involvement of the occupational safety and health (OSH) authorities and experts in a process to improve safety data sheets (SDSs) under REACH.

Most stakeholders consulted in Europe consider the lack of harmonised criteria as a hurdle for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals across all sectors in the EU, according to a European Commission report.

25 March 2020

NGOs have called on the European Commission to use its Farm to Fork strategy to establish mechanisms to ensure information on chemicals in food contact materials (FCMs) is shared along the value chain, ensuring traceability and safety of recycled content.

24 March 2020

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Latest Covid-19 commentary from Chemical Watch

Journalism in a time of crisis
Friday, 12 June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is affording the chemicals industry a rare moment of positive publicity. In the fight to protect Covid-19 victims and the key workers struggling to protect them, the industry has moved centre stage, ensuring the supply of disinfectant products and personal protective equipment, respirators, medicines and vaccines. It even plays a part in producing the electronic technology needed to work from home. 


21 May 2020

Covid-19 may slow TSCA action as EPA encourages telework

Dismissal of acrylamide case also preceded spike in filings

21 May 2020

Covid-19 may slow TSCA action as EPA encourages telework

Compliance community and regulators remain mostly positive despite Covid-19 crisis

22 May 2020

Covid-19 may slow TSCA action as EPA encourages telework

But business as usual for regulators

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01 July 2020

Covid-19 may slow TSCA action as EPA encourages telework

Agency retains ability to exercise discretion on case-by-case basis for noncompliance

09 July 2020 

Covid-19 may slow TSCA action as EPA encourages telework

July survey launched to build picture of evolving situation