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Get to grips with the fundamentals of toxicology, including key points and concepts, reproductive and developmental toxicology, and testing requirements. 

Beginner's Guide to Toxicology (Version 2.0)


Learn the ways in which chemicals may interact with the environment and the precautionary measures needed to prevent harm.

The Practical Guide to Ecotoxicology and the Environment


This course covers the appropriate assessment and risk management of metals, as well as their properties and toxicity.

Metals and Inorganic Metal Compounds in Toxicology and Ecotoxicology


Understand the essentials of the REACH Regulation and how to ensure the safety of humans and the environment, while protecting the interests of your company.

The Basics of REACH Regulation


As a manufacturer, importer or downstream user, this more advanced course will help you ensure that your company remains compliant with the REACH Regulation.

REACH in Practice


This course covers the history of risk management measures concerning hazard classification, safety data sheets (SDSs) and poison centre obligations.

REACH, CLP & Safe Use Communication


The topics covered in this course are applicable to any global chemical control regulation, providing you with an introduction to chemistry, including atomic structure and chemical bonding. 

Chemistry for the Non-Chemist 


Taught by an expert on the EU’s biocidal products regulation (BPR) from consultancy Exponent, this course will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your organisation meets the regulatory requirements under the regulation.


Understanding the BPR


Our highly acclaimed eLearning courses provide high-quality training solutions that can be accessed anywhere in the world. They are designed to help those looking to develop their knowledge and understanding on a range of topics, including toxicology, ecotoxicology, the BPR, REACH, TSCA, metals toxicity and chemistry. 

Our courses are all written, designed  and taught by industry professionals – providing high-quality teaching from real people.

Each course uses a mix of learning tools, including informative slides, audio and video content, and engaging quizzes.

Our eLearning offers continued access to the course content and resources so you can brush up on what you’ve learned.

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Our courses allow you to increase savings through less travel, lower cost of materials, and improved, more efficient learning.

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Each online course can be accessed at any time and completed in bite-sized chunks – allowing you to fit your professional development around your busy schedule.

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Navigating TSCA Part 1


To help you develop an essential awareness
of TSCA, Chemical Watch will soon be launching the first in a three-part eLearning course series: Navigating TSCA Part 1. Available to pre-book now.