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In October last year, the European Commission released its highly anticipated chemicals strategy for sustainability. It forms part of the European Green Deal, which was announced at the end of 2019, and it lays out more than 50 wide-ranging actions that will have a direct impact on industry and are listed for completion by 2024. 

The impact of the new strategy cannot be overstated – it is the biggest shake-up to European chemicals policy since the introduction of REACH in 2007 and it will have a huge impact on industry for years to come.

European chemicals strategy for sustainability
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Chemical Watch coverage of the strategy

Since the strategy’s release in October 2020, we have reported from a wide range of perspectives:

22 July 2021

The European Commission has published its restriction on eight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in granules and mulches used in synthetic turf pitches and playgrounds, deferring the application date by one year until August 2022.

22 July 2021

Chemical producer Troy has challenged a European Commission Decision, approving the biocide carbendazim with stringent restrictions on its most common uses.

Chairing Echa’s Member State Committee could prove the perfect background for helping to resolve some of the big questions thrown up by the EU chemicals strategy. Dr de Wolf talks to Chemical Watch science reporter Emma Davies.

The European Commission’s chemicals strategy for sustainability is hampered by "inherent scientific shortcomings", while the justification for the measures proposed in the strategy often lack "rigour", according to Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

15 July 2021

21 July 2021

EU chemicals strategy, US PFAS developments, CW survey findings

12 May 2021

In this episode of the Chemical Watch News, Europe desk editor Luke Buxton discusses the European Commission’s publication of two comprehensive "inception impact assessments" on the actions planned under the EU chemicals strategy, which pave the way for potentially significant changes to REACH and CLP.

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Find out more from the Chemical Watch Podcast

Recent episodes of the Chemical Watch Podcast explore the strategy in more detail. You can listen via your favourite podcasting app or via the Chemical Watch platform – whatever suits you best.

Chemical Watch Podcast

What it means for you, your business and your products

  • Environment ministers from ten countries sent an exclusive op-ed to Chemical Watch before the strategy was released, urging the European Commission to present an “ambitious” chemicals strategy. Read more 

  • At our Key Regulatory Updates conference, which took place on the day the strategy was published,  delegates heard our speakers’ initial reactions, including thoughts from Echa executive director Bjorn Hansen. View Bjorn’s presentation 

  • Shortly after the publication of the new strategy, we ran an exclusive interview with EU environment commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevičius, who spoke to us about the goals of the strategy. Read more

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Chemical Watch is uniquely positioned to help you make sense of the strategy and understand the implications of the many actions included within it. We have direct connections to European commissioners, European members of parliament and the European Chemicals Agency (Echa), as well as industry representatives and other stakeholders. In addition, our own experts have an in-depth understanding of European and global chemicals legislation. 

Here are just a few examples of Chemical Watch coverage: 

Global Outlook 2021: What to expect from the EU chemicals strategy this year

30 June 2021

Two European Commission committees of independent experts on chemical safety assessment, including one with a specific role under the cosmetics Regulation, have voiced concerns about potential changes to their management.

18 June 2021

The European Commission should prioritise actions to address pollution from hazardous substances such as microplastics, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and endocrine-disrupting chemicals under its zero-pollution action plan, member state environment ministers said at a meeting of the Environment Council on 10 June.

10 June 2021

EU NGOs have blasted the European Commission’s roadmaps for the revision of the REACH and CLP Regulations, saying that the goals outlined in the documents fall short of those envisioned in the EU chemicals strategy for sustainability (CSS).

20 May 2021

Kestutis Sadauskas, head of DG Environment’s circular economy and green growth division, explains its mission.

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This edition of the Chemical Watch news podcast sees North America managing editor Terry Hyland, Europe editor Luke Buxton and business editor Leigh Stringer join news editor Charlotte Niemiec to discuss the latest developments in chemicals management across the globe.

01 April 2021

US new chemicals, Echa funding problems, H&M Group on safe and sustainable by design