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In October 2020, the European Commission released its highly anticipated chemicals strategy for sustainability. It forms part of the European Green Deal, which was announced at the end of 2019, and it lays out more than 50 wide-ranging actions that will have a direct impact on industry and are listed for completion by 2024. 

The impact of the strategy cannot be overstated – it is the biggest shake-up to European chemicals policy since the introduction of REACH in 2007 and it will have a huge impact on industry for years to come.

European chemicals strategy for sustainability
Bas Eickhout © European Union 2020
Industrial chemicals

Chemical Watch coverage of the strategy

Since the strategy’s release, Chemical Watch has reported from a wide range of perspectives:

EU chemicals strategy, US PFAS developments, CW survey findings

12 May 2021

In this episode of the Chemical Watch News, Europe desk editor Luke Buxton discusses the European Commission’s publication of two comprehensive "inception impact assessments" on the actions planned under the EU chemicals strategy, which pave the way for potentially significant changes to REACH and CLP.

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Recent episodes of the Chemical Watch Podcast explore the strategy in more detail. You can listen via your favourite podcasting app or via the Chemical Watch platform – whatever suits you best.

Chemical Watch Podcast

What it means for you, your business and your products

  • The EU chemicals strategy for sustainability – what’s on the agenda for 2022? The European Commission is forging ahead with actions set out under its chemicals strategy for sustainability, which aims to move Europe towards a toxic-free environment. In this, the second of our Global Outlook 2022 reports, Chemical Watch managing editor for Europe Leigh Stringer outlines what to expect this year. Read more

  • What key action points will take the EU chemicals strategy from vision to implementation? In this Expert Focus article, Chemical Watch senior regulatory and compliance analyst Dave Dillon looks at the five key pillars of action required to turn the strategy into reality. Read more

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Chemical Watch is uniquely positioned to help you make sense of the strategy and understand the implications of the many actions included within it. We have direct connections to European commissioners, European members of parliament and the European Chemicals Agency (Echa), as well as industry representatives and other stakeholders. In addition, our own experts have an in-depth understanding of European and global chemicals legislation. 

Here are just a few examples of Chemical Watch coverage: 

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This episode is based on this year’s Global Outlook 2022 series of articles produced by the Chemical Watch team. Managing editor for Europe Leigh Stringer discussing the European Commission’s plans for actions set out under its chemicals strategy for sustainability, which aim to move Europe towards a toxic-free environment.

10 March 2022

EU chemicals strategy, Asia forecast, science developments

11 January 2022

The European Commission is forging ahead with actions set out under its chemicals strategy for sustainability, which aims to move Europe towards a toxic-free environment. In this, the second of our Global Outlook 2022 reports, Chemical Watch managing editor for Europe Leigh Stringer outlines what to expect in the next 12 months

14 June 2022

European Commission to publish agency founding Regulation next year

Industry on board but NGOs warn of loopholes and ‘worrisome’ exclusions

15 June 2022

Regulatory Summit Europe 2022  


The EU chemicals strategy for sustainability is a key theme during this two-day conference on regulatory developments affecting chemicals management across Europe. On day one, a dedicated session on the chemicals strategy brings together expert speakers for insights on the latest developments and ongoing impacts.  
The event also includes sessions on the European Commission and ECHA's plans, along with REACH updates in the EU and UK, making it an event not to be missed for anyone working in chemicals management in Europe.


The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: One Year On

EU REACH for Chemical Compliance Professionals   


Complete essential training on the REACH Regulation with this two-day course.  

REACH is the main pillar of chemicals regulation in the EU and an essential element for compliance. This training course will give you a robust theoretical understanding of the REACH Regulation and provide practical guidance on how to meet your obligations. You’ll be introduced to all elements of REACH, including registration, evaluation, authorisation, restriction and communication in the supply chain, and learn about Echa’s role.


The European Commission has opened a call for evidence for an impact assessment that will inform a revision of the EU Directive on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment.

16 February 2022

26 April 2022

NGO estimates up to 7,000 harmful chemicals on the list will be eliminated by 2030

Commission considering options following ‘no opinion’ verdict from REACH Committee

12 May 2022

12 May 2022

Industry needs ‘breathing space’ during Ukraine crisis, MEP says

The European Commission’s public consultation on revisions – set out under the EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability – ended on 15 April. Chemical Watch spoke to key organisations to see what their concerns, issues and hopes are for the flagship regulation

11 May 2022

17 May 2022

European Commission says it is looking at efficiency in revision of law

Plans to help national authorities crack down on non-compliance

31 May 2022

The EU Commission’s vision for the strategy: One year on

In this presentation, Cristina de Avila from the European Commission introduces the EU's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and its five key building blocks:

  • boosting innovation - the sustainable products initiative;
  • strengthening legislation;
  • simplifying and consolidating;
  • a comprehensive knowledge base; and
  • setting the example globally.

She concludes with an update on revisions to CLP and REACH.

This video was broadcast at the Chemical Watch virtual event, the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: One Year On, on 20 October 2021.