The impact of Brexit on chemicals and downstream sectors

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This report contains the results of our recent survey of more than 160 chemicals management professionals in July 2020. It also includes some highlights from our recent news coverage of Brexit. 

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  • how companies around the world are preparing for Brexit; 
  • what UK companies are doing to mitigate the impact of Brexit; 
  • the Brexit scenarios most likely to play out and their health and environmental outcomes, according to chemicals management professionals; and 
  • how chemicals management has been (and will be) impacted by Brexit in the coming months and years.

said their companies are moving operations out of the country because of Brexit and the same proportion are reducing their UK operations

UK-based respondents

One in five


of respondents regard a deal with little alignment as a 
negative outcome

think the trade relationship 
will be a deal with a

high degree of regulatory alignment

1 in 10

UK respondents

1 in 7

based outside the UK



UK respondents

based outside the UK

do not plan to continue
registering substances for the UK market


UK respondents


based outside the UK

felt little regulatory alignment 
would be bad for health and 
environmental protection