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As a member of The International and Organic Cosmetics Association, you may be eligible for Chemicals Intelligence – single-license access to Chemical Watch News & Insight membership.

Are you eligible for Chemicals Intelligence?

Chemicals Intelligence is available to companies with revenues of less than $250m per year. It is not available to current Chemical Watch members or companies who have been Chemical Watch members in the past (but if your company isn’t eligible, you can still explore other options by contacting  

If your business fits the above description, please fill out the form below:

What is Chemicals Intelligence?

This exclusive offer provides you with a single-access license to Chemical Watch News & Insight at an 87% lower price than the enterprise access option. It is designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind and offers you the chance to access the following:

  • timely, in-depth, impartial and award-winning global news, insight and analysis to inform your product safety strategy;

  • expert insight on regulatory and non-regulatory drivers around the world impacting the safe use of chemicals in products; and  

  • analysis, opinion, comment pieces, longer reads and interpretations of the bigger picture, key trends and best practice.

Chemicals Intelligence costs € 2000  for the first year.  

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By filling out this form, you confirm that your company has an annual revenue of less than $250 million, and you consent to a member of the Chemical Watch team reaching out to you with more information and a contract.