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Last month in Europe, the European Commission published its highly anticipated final proposal to review the CLP Regulation, alongside new hazard classes for endocrine disruptors and other harmful substances. In the US,  Washington state proposed restricting or imposing reporting requirements on organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs), PFASs, phthalates and phenolic compounds in a range of consumer products. In Asia, China published its first voluntary standard on EU REACH-compliance for automotive makers, identifying 202 substances that are restricted or classified as substances of very high concern under the European Regulation.

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NGO bemoans decision but further win for industry on statutory dates for compliance checks

01 December 2022

North America

Businesses want risks narrowly defined; NGOs seek greater transparency, environmental protections

07 December 2022

Draft EU law to face further scrutiny from member states, industry

07 December 2022



Environment ministry accepting comments until 2 February

01 December 2022

Illustration of woman working on laptop

13 December 2022

Planned rule would prohibit certain uses of OFRs, PFASs, phthalates and bisphenols

20 December 2022

Agency solicits peer reviewers ahead of late February release of two documents

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Industry faces pressure to fully engage in long-awaited proposal

09 December 2022

Long-awaited texts, incorporating new hazard classes, to face Parliament and Council scrutiny

20 December 2022

Move to protect increasing trade with the European market

 13 December 2022

Grace period for companies handling 100-1,000 tonnes per year of existing substances ends 16 January 2023

08 December 2022

22 December 2022

Huge pressure to phase out the persistent chemicals, says NGO