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The use of PFAS is ubiquitous across industries, making it more important than ever for product safety professionals to understand what their products are made of, find safer alternatives and ensure compliance.

Increasing chemicals regulation of PFAS presents a real challenge for those in chemicals management. Authorities in Europe are developing plans that could phase out PFAS; and in the US, several state-level bills are calling for a ban.

Keeping up with changing PFAS regulation is now crucial for product safety professionals managing chemicals in a range of sectors; from food packaging, to children’s products, to firefighting foam and more.

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Recent Chemical Watch PFAS and PFOA news coverage

21 July 2021

02 July 2021

Bipartisan legislation would suspend new substances; awaits uncertain Senate result

Measure requires reporting in 2023, phaseout of non-essential uses by 2030

Bill restricting the compounds in packaging, firefighting foams becomes law

29 June 2021

Sector should be 'priority for action', Saicm secretariat says

16 June 2021

Training course

Understanding the US EPA New Chemical Review Process and the Application of Predictive Models in Risk Assessment

14:00 GMT  


29 July 2021

Agency’s new ESG score predictor rates companies’ risk mitigation efforts as ‘weak’

27 July 2021

Non-fluorinated solution could serve The North Face, Arc'teryx, other major entities

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Nike's priority substances, MOCA authorisation, TSCA test orders

14 April 2021

Chemical Watch business editor Leigh Stringer joins global managing editor Kate Lowe in this episode to discuss global sporting goods giant Nike’s plan to replace ten priority substances, or groups of chemicals, with 'cleaner' alternatives by 2025

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EU chemicals strategy, US PFAS developments, CW survey findings

12 May 2021

In this edition of the Chemical Watch News Podcast North America reporter Julia John runs through the latest action at state and federal level to control the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).

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PFAS regulation: 
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Environmental advocates call for closing 'loopholes', others dispute need for it

06 May 2021

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Firefighter shooting PFAs foam through hose

20 April 2021

The discovery of PFASs in mosquito insecticide raises big questions over product stewardship, says consulting editor, Geraint Roberts