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The use of PFASs is ubiquitous across industries, making it more important than ever for product safety professionals to understand what their products are made of, find safer alternatives and ensure compliance.

Increasing regulation of PFASs presents a real challenge for those in chemicals management. Authorities in Europe are developing plans that could phase out PFASs; and in the US, several state-level bills are calling for a ban.

Keeping up with changing PFASs regulation is now crucial for product safety professionals managing chemicals in a range of sectors; from food packaging, to children’s products, to firefighting foam and more.

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Understanding the US EPA New Chemical Review Process and the Application of Predictive Models in Risk Assessment

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27 October 2022

Global NGO's programme to start addressing paints and coatings


PFAS regulation: 
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Special Chemical Watch podcast: US PFAS product regulations

10 August 2021

In this special edition of the Chemical Watch podcast, North America reporter Julia John is joined by a guest panel to discuss the latest PFAS developments and restrictions across US states, including Washington State’s prohibition of PFASs in food packaging.

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US state-level PFAS developments

14 April 2022

In this edition of the Chemical Watch podcast, we catch up with chief analyst Nhat Nguyen to look at the latest state-level developments in the regulation of PFASs or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

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3 guiding principles to eliminating toxic chemicals in consumer products

Sustainability consultant Chris Enlow, speaking at our PFAS Updates conference in June 2021, shares three key ideas when it comes to the elimination of toxic chemicals in products. 

Video screenshot
baby textile

09 November 2022

Two fifths of related violation notices address fabrics in the California market

25 October 2022

Next steps after request for information to be determined

Milk in plastic bottle
chemicals in containers

26 October 2022

Companies to comply with prior informed consent (Pic) procedures

12 October 2022

NGOs push for faster pace, saying workable substitutes are on the market

Oil industry
Firefighing foam

13 October 2022

Rac and Seac to consider evidence-based feedback

13 October 2022

US EPA eyes mid-2023 TSCA risk management proposal for solvent

Cleaner spray
Businessman on a laptop

17 October 2022

US state to hold meeting next week to discuss requirements slated for 2023

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PFAS Global 2023

Our highly anticipated fifth PFAS conference is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to stay up to date on the latest regulatory and scientific developments surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).

The conference will take place virtually, with dedicated morning sessions on updates in Europe with the afternoon being devoted to developments in the US.  

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