Spotlight on PFASs

Understand the latest regulatory action and what it means for your products

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are a group of man-made chemicals facing global regulatory scrutiny, particularly with authorities in the EU and North America.

For example, the European Commission’s chemicals strategy for sustainability promises a comprehensive action plan to address the PFAS group of chemicals, including phasing them out of consumer products. In the US, the widespread use of PFASs in a variety of industries has led to several state level bills calling for a ban.

Staying on top of developments in PFAS regulation is now essential for product safety professionals to meet compliance goals in sectors as diverse as food packaging, children’s products, firefighting foam and more.

This free report contains a selection of articles from Chemical Watch highlighting recent regulatory developments around the world concerning PFASs, with expert comment on the key issues.

Learn more about:

  • regulatory action affecting the PFAS group of chemicals in the US and Europe;

  • continued efforts and projects to define criteria for essential uses of persistent chemicals;

  • how recent water contamination cases raise questions around product stewardship; and

  • Nike’s plans to replace 10 priority chemistries with ‘cleaner’ alternatives by 2025

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