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global service providers guide

Global Service Providers Guide 

The Global Service Providers Guide is an invaluable reference in the chemicals management and control sector, providing the latest information on regulatory market drivers, careers and salaries, and the industry outlook for the year ahead. 

The 2023 edition of the Guide features the results of our annual survey of regulatory professionals from around the globe, original editorial content researched and developed by our team of experienced journalists, useful timeline infographics, and detailed profiles of service providers.

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software providers guide

Software Providers Guide

This guide is designed to help you understand the software that supports regulatory compliance and also enables businesses to move beyond compliance and achieve safer chemicals in products throughout the supply chain. 

It contains analysis of our chemicals management software user survey, five articles exploring the ways in which businesses are using software to meet compliance obligations, a glossary, 23 software profiles and a comprehensive directory.

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Electronics production

Chemicals in electronics: News and insight from around the world 

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Increasingly divergent regulation is creating new and significant challenges for product safety professionals across the electronics industry.   

Get a taste of our award-winning reporting and analysis with this free report. It will help you get to grips with the biggest issues for the electronics sector in recent months.

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Every month, we bring together some of our top news stories from the previous four weeks to share some of the biggest developments affecting product safety professionals around the world.

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Biocides: Tracking regulatory activity

Get a sample of Chemical Watch biocides news and insight coverage with this selection of articles covering biocides in Europe (October 2022), including a full list of the more than 50 biocides with amended expiry dates under the biocidal products Regulation (BPR).

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woman choosing cosmetics

PFAS Regulatory Developments

This free report contains a selection of articles from Chemical Watch highlighting recent regulatory developments around the world concerning PFASs, with expert comment on the key issues.

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Woman applying cream under her eye

Chemicals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products 

In this report, you will find a selection of recent news articles from our news and insight team, including regulatory and business developments that directly affect the cosmetics and personal care sectors.

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Latest reports 

Helsinki Chemicals Forum

A guide to product compliance beyond chemicals

In this guide, learn how the regulatory landscape for end-to-end product safety beyond chemicals is changing. Plus, find out what is on the product compliance agenda for products with EEE, textiles, furniture, machinery and connectivity features.

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Helsinki Chemicals Forum

Helsinki Chemicals Forum Report 2022

Read about the biggest talking points from this year’s Helsinki Chemicals Forum in this year's report, which provides a summary of the discussions, and is available to members and free members of Chemical Watch.

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Transport and storage of dangerous goods: Regulatory developments 

In this report, read a selection of recent stories affecting the transport and storage of dangerous goods from the award-winning Chemical Watch new and insights team. 

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Chef preparing food

Chemicals in Food Contact Materials

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Get a selection of regulatory updates from our news and insight team, plus a featured timeline of regulatory dates affecting food and drinks compliance in 2023.