Chemical Watch and Scivera

Joining forces to help create safer products and build a safer, more sustainable world

Scivera joined the Enhesa family in October 2021 following on from Chemical Watch in December 2020. 

The acquisitions were a major step in Enhesa’s strategy to broaden the scope of their services to help clients stay one step ahead in their compliance and sustainability journey.

Scivera helps leading product brands and suppliers across the globe create better products using safer chemicals. 

The unique SciveraLENS® platform is driving the transformation towards safer chemistry and material health – helping you to simplify your chemical management structure.

Scivera envisions a world where everyone is safer because the products they are using are chemically safer.  

Whether this is through companies being able to take a proactive approach to product development, by verifying that the chemicals used in their products are safe, or suppliers being able to share important chemical safety data without sacrificing their proprietary information, Scivera believes everyone can contribute to sustainable chemistry.

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SciveraLENS® is a powerful cloud-based program that utilizes over 4,500 chemical hazard assessments (CHAs) completed by a team of toxicologists — the largest library in existence — and an easy to understand 23-endpoint user interface to help brands and suppliers know exactly what chemicals are in their products and identify safer alternatives when needed.   

With SciveraLENS®, you have access to valuable chemical assessment information to help you make informed product development decisions, support your chemical and product certification needs, and communicate chemical assessment information while maintaining confidential ingredient information. 

  • Access an invaluable database of comprehensive chemical hazard assessments on thousands and thousands of individual chemicals prepared for you by a team of toxicologists 

  • Improve your chemical formulations 

  • Identify problematic chemicals instantly 

  • Compare and find safer alternatives to problematic chemicals  

  • Understand how chemicals impact humans and the environment via chemical hazard assessments 

  • Support your chemical and product certification needs 

  • Gather chemical ingredient information from suppliers while protecting proprietary business information 

  • Communicate chemical assessment information to your colleagues and suppliers 

  • Make informed product development decisions 

A powerful tool for global product brands and suppliers who not only want to keep ahead of regulations, but stay ahead of the competition, make well-informed decisions early, pre-empt risks, and save time - all in a cost-effective and easy to understand way. 

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Why SciveraLENS®?

"Scivera allows me to make recommendations around preferred chemistry without spending weeks doing the required research and to answer key questions relating to the sustainability of chemicals far quicker than we would otherwise be able to—it is a cost-saving tool for us.  

[Perhaps] the biggest benefit is enabling us continued market access—it protects us from the potential harm of either releasing a product with banned chemicals or being caught on the wrong side of regulatory changes relating to harmful chemicals."


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