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It’s been almost five years since the Frank R Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act overhauled TSCA in the US. Some have called the intervening years “transformational”, and most would agree that the changes have had a significant impact on industry.

What happens under TSCA in the coming years will depend, at least to some extent, on the US EPA’s agenda under the new Biden administration. But whatever the outcome, we can expect continued debates surrounding risk evaluations, new chemical reviews, TSCA fees and more.

Chemical Watch is committed to helping our community understand both the basics and intricacies of TSCA through our regular news coverage, in-depth features, conferences, training and expert assistance from our analyst team. We can also help you stay up to date with state-level developments across the US.

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Introducing our Chemical Watch experts

Terry Hyland
North America Managing Editor

Kelly Franklin
North America Editor

Nhat Nguyen
Chief Analyst

Terry has spent more than 15 years as a reporter, editor and digital news team leader providing information for legal and regulatory professionals across a variety of topics, including health care, clean energy and toxic substances. He joined Chemical Watch in 2020.

Prior to joining Chemical Watch in 2015,
Kelly managed regulatory affairs for several trade groups in the building products industry. Her academic background is in English and Spanish.

Nhat joined Chemical Watch in April 2018 as Chief Analyst. Nhat is a US licensed attorney, and prior to joining Chemical Watch, Nhat was a regulatory analyst and consultant, advising customers on a range of issues in Asia, the EU and the US.

Recent coverage of TSCA


29 March 2021

25 March 2021

The US EPA has announced plans to increase its reliance on TSCA orders to address potential risks posed by new substances, with a specific focus on ensuring protection for workers.

The US EPA may supplement certain TSCA risk evaluations finalised under the previous administration and reverse policy decisions that excluded certain uses and exposure pathways from the scope of its existing chemical reviews..

Documents released through a public records request have raised fresh questions on the extent to which industry should have a say in how new chemicals are regulated under TSCA before they enter the marketplace.

17 March 2021

The US EPA has delayed enforcement of certain prohibitions due to take effect today on the flame retardant PIP (3:1), and is offering the public another opportunity to weigh in on TSCA risk management rules for it and four other persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substances.

09 March 2021

Expert articles

01 April 2021

Chemicals regulation is front and centre for the Biden-Harris administration thanks to its relevance to the president’s top priorities of transparency, science and environmental justice, say Alexandra Dapolito Dunn, Allison Watkins Mallick, Jeff Oliver and Jeff Wood of Baker Botts LLP.

More focus on policy equity could see the US EPA take tougher steps to address the cumulative impacts and chemical exposures vulnerable populations face. Terry Hyland reports.

25 March 2021

More robust consideration of a new chemical’s potential to prevent pollution and lower risks could help achieve the right balance between safety and innovation, say Jeffery T Morris PhD and Richard E Engler PhD.

22 February 2021

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This three-part eLearning course will help you understand the basics of TSCA, get a solid grounding in the key areas of the legislation, and gain an in-depth understanding of key issues such as the premanufacture notification process and confidential business information (CBI). 

Each part of the course is led by experts from Bergeson & Campbell PC, is easy to follow and allows you to study at your own pace. All you need is a device with an internet connection and you can start your learning right away.


Training course

Understanding the US EPA New Chemical Review Process and the Application of Predictive Models in Risk Assessment

14:00 GMT  


08 April 2021

The US EPA is expected to mandate testing for 11 high-priority substances undergoing TSCA risk evaluations that were excluded from an earlier batch of test orders, according to two former agency officials.

31 March 2021

The US EPA’s recently announced plan to change its TSCA new chemicals review process is a "seismic development" that could drive a fresh wave of legal challenges, a former agency official 
has said.


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09 February 2021

State governments will forge ahead with new requirements to manage potential chemicals risk in 2021. Chemical Watch chief analyst, Nhat Nguyen, analyses the regulatory landscape and forecasts some of the activities likely to occur this year.

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Recent episodes of the Chemical Watch Podcast explore TSCA developments in more detail. You can listen via your favourite podcasting app or via the Chemical Watch platform – whatever suits you best.

US new chemicals, Echa funding problems, H&M Group on safe and sustainable by design

01 April 2021

This edition of the Chemical Watch news podcast sees North America managing editor Terry Hyland, Europe editor Luke Buxton and business editor Leigh Stringer join news editor Charlotte Niemiec to discuss the latest developments in chemicals management across the globe.

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Special Chemical Watch podcast: US election

10 November 2020

After a drawn out election week in the US, all eyes are on the White House to see how President-Elect Joe Biden might use his executive powers to push ahead with his agenda through executive orders – a tool frequently utilised by Presidents Trump and Obama – as well as regulatory actions via federal agencies like the EPA.

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